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  Pattern Recognition Systems (PRS) is a Norwegian company that are specialized in Multivariate Data Analysis.

PRS develops software, gives courses and does consulting work in the field of multivariate data analysis. This field is also known as chemometrics. PRS works in close relationship with the chemometric research group at the Chemical Department of University of Bergen.

PRS retains competence and experience i most fields regarding multivariate data analysis. Special competence and experience in the following fields:

 Process monitoring and optimisation

Medical diagnostic

Environmental surveilance


Pattern Recognition Systems as (PRS)  has released a new version of the multivariate analysis software Sirius. Sirius  covers all the central methods within multivariate exploratory analysis, classification/discrimination and calibration/response modeling. Experimental design is also supported.

Latest NewsSirius version 8.1 is released  


Professor Olav Kvalheim receives the sixth Herman Wold medal

Picture: Olav Kvalheim, Uinversity of Bergen and chairmen of PRS AS

The jury: "Professor Olav Kvalheim receives the sixth Herman Wold medal for his pioneering work and never-failing enthusiasm to an objective-driven problem solving in analytical chemistry and in real-word process industry using the and developing the chemometrical toolbox. His contributions within curve resolution e.g. HELP and his early ideas on target rotation and always keeping a focus on building models, which can be interpreted and understood from a chemical point of view. He has strongly contributed to chemometrics and its application of the methods to real problems and thereby increasing the knowledge of underlying mechanisms within a number of areas.?

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