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Information about Pattern Recognition Systems

Pattern Recognition Systems (PRS) develops software, gives courses and does consulting work in the field of multivariate data analysis. This field is also known as chemometrics. PRS works in close relationship with the chemometric research group at the Chemical Department of University of Bergen.

Chemometrics is defined as the use of methods from statistics, mathematics and information technology on problems from chemistry. The traditional approach used in chemistry (as well as in many other fields of science) is a univariate one. However, most problems encountered in the real world are multivariate in nature. Multivariate methods are therefore needed to obtain good solutions.

  • the oil industry
  • the process industry
  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • the social sciences
  • the food industry

Regardless of the field, however, some goals are common:

  • increasing productivity
  • improving quality
  • environmental analysis

Pattern Recognition Systems have expertise within the fields of

  • statistical experimental design
  • data exploration
  • classification and discrimination
  • multivariate regression and calibration
  • curve resolution techniques (data analytical separation or e.g., chromatographic signals)

PRS offers four user-friendly software packages running under Windows95/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows VISTA.

  • Sirius a program for data analysis based on multivariate methods and experimental design.
  • Xtricator a program for resolving data from HPLC-DAD, GC-IR, GC-MS, and other multidetection instruments using direct and iterative methods.
  • MS Resolver an automated version of Xtricator for resolving GC-MS and LC-MS data.
  • Pattern Recognition Systems also offer consulting services and courses in chemometrics and multivariate analysis. See a detailed Project Information

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