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Key People in PRS

These people are working hard to give you the best software and consultancy available:


Olav M. Kvalheim
Olav M. KvalheimKvalheim has a MSc in theoretical chemistry and a PhD in Chemometrics. He is Professor in Chemometrics at the University of Bergen, but has also for 15 years worked in close collaboration with industry and government, both as a tutor and as a consultant. Kvalheim was one of the initiators when PRS was founded in 1986. He was also the initiator of the Norwegian Chemical Society's Group for Chemometrics.

Kvalheim has published approx. 120 papers in internationally refereed journals and contributed chapters to half a dozen books in analytical chemistry, environmental sciences, spectroscopy etc. For many years he has been one of the editors of the Elsevier journal Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. He has chaired almost a dozen conferences and workshops and has also been involved in more than two dozens scientific committees. Kvalheim has won several awards, the last one in 1996, The Norwegian Research Council's Prize for outstanding use of Research.
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Reidar Arneberg
Reidar ArnebergArneberg has a MSc in theoretical chemistry from the University of Bergen and has published almost a dozen papers in internationally refereed journals. He has 15 years experience in program and interface development from Norsk Hydro Research Centre in Bergen.

During a sabbatical as researcher at the University of Bergen in 1992-93, Arneberg developed and implemented the Windows interface to Sirius. Arneberg has later developed the interface to SirExtricate and SirEnviron.

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Bjørn Grung
Bjørn Grung
Grung has a degree in chemical engineering, an MSc and a PhD in chemometrics. He  is an associate professor in chemometrics at the University of Bergen. He has also been teaching at the Bergen College of Engineering. For the last six years he has been working as a programmer and system developer for PRS.

From 1996 to 2000  he was the chairman of the Norwegian Chemical Society's Group of Chemometrics.

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Tarja Rajalahti
Tarja Rajalahti
Rajalahti has a M.Sc. degree in chemical/bioprocess engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) and her past experience includes chemistry and process modelling. She works as an independent lecturer and consultant in the field of multivariate design and data analysis. She is also a research scientist in chemometrics at the Universities of Bergen (Norway) and Ume? (Sweden); e.g. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR), batch modelling, proteomics and multicomponent analysis. She has been giving courses and lectures in multivariate design and data analysis several years (starting from 1998) including both academia and industry.

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Harald Høiland
Harald H?ylandHøiland is a Professor at the University of Bergen. His main work has been on thermodynamic properties of aqueos solutions. His research contacts are good both within international academia as well as with the industry. From 1990 to 96 he was Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen and from 1996 he is the Chairman of the Board at UNIFOB (Organization investing in high-tech companies in Norway). He is also active on comittees of the Research Council of Norway.

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