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PRS offer curses - both standard and special adapted

PRS provides courses and training at different levels, in different areas and at different places. Introductory broad courses on the philosophy behind and hands-on use of our software are lectured in Bergen and other places where we have collaborators with the right competence, e.g., Stavanger, Norway, and, Stockholm, Sweden. Courses are also offered in-house for larger enterprises, sometimes in combination with supervision and consulting on projects. On request, we offer tailor-made courses in specific application areas

Tutors on our courses vary with theme and place, but a major part of our courses are lectured by Olav M. Kvalheim and Bjørn Grung.

Our courses cover use of elementary data analysis (univariate and bivariate), multivariate exploratory techniques (PCA), multivariate design (factorial and fractional factorial design), multivariate regression (PLS), process analysis and quality control, univariate and multivariate process control, and, multicomponent analysis. All courses combine basic theory and philosophy with practical hands-on software tutorials using data from real-world applications.


Regular Standard courses

PRS invite you to attend courses in multivariate analysis, experimental design and multicomponent analysis. The courses are given by experts in the specific fields and you gain valuable insight at these courses. PRS offers both open courses and in-house courses. The majority of the courses are given in Norwegian or English. Courses can be provided on short notice throughout Europe and North America. Courses in the rest of the world might be possible. In addition we offer workshops and seminars

Each course is explained in more detail by following the links below.

Please observe that we have only listed the courses that we have already established as regularly events. We will offer several other courses, and we put them on our web pages a few months before they are arranged. Therefore we invite you to check our web-site regularly.

Courses based on use of Sirius

Courses based on use of Xtricator

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Overview standard courses

  Innf?ringskurs i Kjemometri 1



  Fors?ksplanlegging og eksperimentelt design




The dates for all the courses which will be arranged during 2004 is not decided yet. Still we admit you to follow the updates of our web-pages regularly. If you are interested in a message when we have set the dates, please mail us.

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Internal courses

We offer Internal courses as well. There are two possibilities:

  1. Internal lecturing in our standard courses.

    These courses are identical with the ones we arrange regularly. The only difference is that we perform both the lectures and the computer exercises in your company's premises.
    It is of course possible to try some of your own cases during the exercises.

  2. Tailored internal courses.

    These courses are directed against specific areas within multivariate data analysis. The idea is to transfer a brick of our competence to the employees in your company.
    Present your wishes and taughts, and we will together find a suitable solution.

We suggest that you get in contact with us. Together we are able to decide which kind of course that suits your company.

Contact us by mail, fax (+47 55 58 94 96). If you want to write us you find our address in the blue area to the left.

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