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News from PRS AS

You can read about the following news here:

*Sirius 8.1 released!
*Xtricator 2.0 released!
*MS Resolver 2.0 released!

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Sirius 8.1 released .

Some new features in Sirius 8.1 are:

  • Target Projection (OPLS equivalent)

  • Multiple Linear Regression

  • External Model Validation

  • Mixture Design

  • New effective Alignment algorithms

  • New Baseline Correction algorithms

  • New Import options

  • Colouring templates for objects/variables

  • New features in the Data Editor

  • New useful facilities for supporting PLS-DA

More detail Information

Please mail us for further information.

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Xtricator 2.0

Xtricator has changed name to Xtricator and the version 2.0 is now released.

Some of the new features in Xtricator 2.0 are:

  • New Import options
  • New Background Correction methods
  • Wavelett based dynamic Noise Limit
  • Iterative methods added

    In addition to the direct methods, Xtricator now includes iterative methods like; Gentle, ITTFA, Alternating Regression and Needle for rank estimation.

  • New Utilities features for pre-screening of the data set
  • New Utilities for comparing resolved profiles extracted with different methods
  • Additional Features

Please mail us for further information.

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MS Resolver 2.0

MS Resolver is an Automated Multicomponent Analysis Package for GCMS and LCMS data. MS Resolver is a software package designed to resolve multicomponent data from multidetection instrumentation into the individual contributions.

MS Resolver contains an iterative method that tries to overcome the shortcoming of the traditional iterative methods. This is done while retaining the simplicity of the use of the iterative methods

MS Resolver has successfully resolved complex CG-MS data containing more than 400 profiles.

Please mail us for further information.

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