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Back issues of the Newsletter:

*PRS Opens Its New Headquarter at Bergen High-Technology Center
*Update Your Sirius™
*Xtricator™ is Ready for Release
*Look for New Software Packages in The Future from PRS
*Training Courses

PRS Opens Its New Headquarter at Bergen High-Technology Center

PRS has moved their main office in Bergen to the High-Technology Centre. Here we are located amidst several companies where the common denominator is advanced technology developed in close co-operation with the University of Bergen. The university IT department is located here along with the Institute of Informatics. Several companies are developing software packages and the environmental industry is strongly represented at the centre.

This environment will be very stimulating for the development team in PRS.

We are also happy to be close to the chemometrics group at the University of Bergen and we will utilise their advanced work within multivariate analysis. This input is of great importance to the development of our software packages.

The chosen location is perfect for program development, which will insure you timely advances in our software.

Sales administration and support is transferred to Bergen.

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Update Your Sirius™

Are you still working with the DOS version of Sirius™? Or do you use the first version of Sirius™ for Windows? You might even use a competitive product.

It is time to update your current license of Sirius™ or from other multivariate packages to the current Sirius™ version; Sirius™ 1.6. You will also automatically receive the new 6.0 version by the end of November this year. 

Sirius™ 1.6 has quite a few changes on previous versions. A few improvements are needed, for example with the documentation and the help system. All these changes and more will be included in the 6.0 release.

We have named the next release of Sirius 6.0. When Sirius was released for Windows™, the numbering was reset to 1.0. To reflect the work done with the package before this, we go back to the original numbering. This leaves us with a 6.0 version.

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Xtricator™ is Ready for Release

Identifying all components in a solution may be time-consuming and demand lots of work with the chromatograph. Different settings and columns have to be used in order to separate all analytes. To some extent, the profiles could be resolved by using curve-fitting software, but then some requirements have to be met by the system.

Xtricator™ is a unique software package for the Windows™ operating system, suited for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data from multidetection analytical instruments, such as HPLC-DAD, GC-IR, GC-MS, FT-IR, etc.

Analysis using Xtricator™ then tries to answer these three questions:

  1. How many analytes contribute to the measured signal, locally and overall?
  2. Which analytes are present in the sample?
  3. What are the concentrations of the analytes?

Using Xtricator™, you can resolve the recorded data into the contributing parts, i.e. the pure spectra and chromatograms.

With this information you can identify the different analytes in the solution from your library spectral database and find the concentration of the analyte from the chromatograms.

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Look for New Software Packages in The Future from PRS

PRS never rests when it comes to developing new software packages. Our next package to be released is called SirEnviron™.

SirEnviron™ is a software package for analysis of environmental data.

Look for future software packages from PRS Software within the areas of optimisation, experimental design, sensory analysis, and food product development.

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Training Courses

All our software packages are accompanied by extensive training possibilities. The courses are briefly described below. Contact us for further details regarding the courses.

The following courses are available for Sirius™ and Xtricator™:

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