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Sirius™ Brochure

Multivariate Data Analysis Made Easy

  Sirius™ is a software package that covers a range of pre-processing options, techniques as multivariate exploratory analysis, classification/discrimination and response modelling/calibration. The response modelling feature also offers the common experimental designs; fractional, full factorial, and central composite designs. Sirius™ is your user-friendly access Multivariate Data Analysis.

From Data to Information

The common identifier of today’s companies is that a vast number of data are continuously produced and collected. The problem is to extract the valuable information among the routine and irrelevant data structures.

Sirius™ is developed to give you this valuable information

Your data table is converted to meaningful plots displaying the major trends and patterns in your data. Thus you get feedback which may improve your research, development, process, and products.

Application examples:

  • Biotechnology
  • Drug development
  • Industrial process analysis and optimisation
  • Marketing and insurance analysis
  • Medical research
  • Pollution source identification
  • Product development
  • Production and refining of oils and minerals
  • Quality control
  • Spectral analysis and calibration

Sirius™ is developed by leading experts in the world in multivariate analysis and experimental design.

Sirius™ is being used by leading companies in several industries. On our customer list:

  • Astra Hässle AB
  • Arthur D. Little, Inc.
  • Exxon Production Research Co.
  • Kabi Pharmacia AB
  • Mobil Exploration & Production
  • Norsk Hydro AS
  • Nycomed AS
  • Shell Research
  • Statoil

Achievements using multivariate data analysis:

  • A petrochemical company saves US$ 13 million a project in the North Sea.
  • A pharmaceutical company increased the yield of a synthesis process from about 40% to 70%.
  • A meat production plant decreased waste meat worth US$ 100 000 a year by identifying stages in the process that could be improved.
  • A textile company identified the reason for corrupt batches to be a step in the energy recovery system.

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