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Sirius 8.1

Sirius - our main program

Sirius is the main software product from Pattern Recognition Systems. It is a tool for multivariate analysis that covers all the central methods within multivariate exploratory analysis, classification/discrimination and calibration/response modeling. Experimental design is also supported.

New features in Sirius version 8.1

Application briefs explain how Xtricator may be used to obtain a deeper understanding of the data you have collected.

See Application briefs for more details.

We offer a downloadable demo version and we invite you to mail us if you need more information than provided by these web-pages.


Technical sheet.

Operating System
*Windows95/98 or higher
*Windows 2000 and Windows XP
*Windows NT 3.51 or higher
*Windows VISTA
          *or higher

Hardware requirement
*PC that are able to run Win95/98/Win NT/2000/XP or higher

(supported file-formats)
*ASCII (import/export)
*MATLAB (import/export)
*Intstrument formats (Spectra-Metrix, Echip 6.0)
*PCA Principal Component Analysis
*MOP Marker Object Projections
*MVP Marker Variable Projections
*SIMCA Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogies
*PLS Partial Least Squares Regression
*PCR Principal Component Regression
          *Target Projection (TP)
          *Optimized Scaling
*Fuzzy Clustering
Transform options
*Block normalizing
*Normalizing using internal standard
*Square root
          *and more

Special Transformations
*Absorbance to reflectance
*Absorbance to Kubelka-Munk
*Reflectance to absorbance
*Multiplicative scatter correction
*Numerical Savitzky-Golay differentiation
Weighting/Scaling of variables
*Division by standard deviation + constant
*Block standardizing
*Division by mean
*Division by mean + constant
*Set your own weights
Spreadsheet Editor
*no size limitations (except available RAM)
*copy/del/paste editing
*descriptive statistics on objects/variables (numerical and graphical)
*support missing data (empty cells)
*Extensive Grapics

*2D raw data
*3D raw data
*Score and loading plot
*Contribution plot
*Hotellings T2
*Score vs. objects
*Loadings vs. variables
*Correlation Loadings
*Covariance graphs
*Predicted vs. measured response
*Regression coefficients
*Target coefficients
*Contour plot
*easy accesible lay out options (title, labels, fonts etc)
*copy/paste for easy transfer to other programs (Word, AmiPro, etc)
*export as WMF files/Bitmap

*user guide
*tutorials (ten fully solved real problems)
*reference manual (advanced description of methods)
*extensive help function

*online accesible from www
*consultancy services


Other pros
*close connection to research resources (University of Bergen)
*abillity to deliver high-qualified consultancy services
*tailoring of the software is possible (eg. new instrument formats)

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